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Consumer Marketing & Advertising 2024
June 2023; 266 pages; ISBN# 9781577833307; $385

9th Edition. Consumer Marketing & Advertising 2024 assesses leading approaches for marketing to consumers from media advertising to social media marketing, from direct mail to email, and from customer service to experiential marketing.


Consumer Marketing & Advertising 2024 categorizes consumer marketing tactics into 61 topics, each presented in a separate chapter. Current market research and statistics, an analysis of effectiveness, surveys of marketers and consumers, and discussions of trends are presented for each. The handbook also examines overall marketing strategies including analytics for ROI, budget distribution, and prioritization.


Select topics include behavioral targeting, big data, branding, buy American initiatives, cause marketing, celebrity endorsements, consumer segmentation, consumer tracking, content marketing, customer engagement, customer relationship management, green marketing, lead generation, loyalty programs, market research, out-of-home advertising, place-based video advertising, sampling, shopper (in-store) marketing, sponsorships, sports marketing, and word-of-mouth. Over 1,200 website links  directly embedded into the electronic edition  will direct you to additional market research and other resources.


Consumer Marketing & Advertising 2024 is designed to be a strategic business planning resource for marketing executives in all consumer business

segments. Consumer Marketing & Advertising 2024 is also an essential reference for academic libraries that support business management and marketing curricula.

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