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Entertainment & Leisure Market Research 2023
July 2022; 263 pages; ISBN# 9781577833222; $385

19th Edition. Entertainment & Leisure Market Research 2023 presents an in-depth assessment of leisure, examining the market within the scope of such topics as cultural & creative activities, gambling & wagering, gardening, genealogy, hiking & camping, hobbies, holiday festivities, hunting & fishing, lifestyle activities, nightlife, sports & recreation, theme parks, and yoga. In all, 44 unique

segments of leisure are assessed, covering virtually every major activity where consumers spend their non-working time and

discretionary income. Most chapters provide statistics on participation and expenditures, market characteristics and trends,

demographics, and a list of resources for further research.


Entertainment & Leisure Market Research 2023 also provides comprehensive data on consumer use of media. Segments covered

include filmed entertainment, home entertainment, live performances, radio, recorded music, television, video games, and more.


Over 700 embedded website links will direct you to raw data, additional market research, and other resources.

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