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Travel & Tourism: Impact Of The Pandemic
October 2020; 98 pages; ISBN# 9781577833062; $285

The economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the travel sector is projected to reach $500 billion by year-end 2020. Lost federal, state and local taxes and revenue related to travel are estimated at almost $100 billion. The travel industry is not expected to recover to pre-pandemic levels until 2024.


Travel & Tourism: Impact of the Pandemic assesses and quantifies the impacts on businesses in the hospitality sector, cultural activities, the transportation sector, and tourist attractions. The analyses includes assessments of the impacts on hotels, business travel, leisure travel, tourist destinations, casinos, college towns, cruises, road travel, international travel, and more.


Survey findings in Travel & Tourism: Impact of the Pandemic present consumer expectations for cleanliness and hygiene, accommodating social distancing, and protecting their health and welfare when they travel. How hospitality, tourist attractions, and transportation businesses are accommodating these expectations is also analyzed.


Travel & Tourism: Impact of the Pandemic is an essential reference for academic libraries that support a travel and hospitality management curriculum and an important resource for strategic planning by executives in all travel-related businesses.

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