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Business-to-Business Marketing 2020-2021   
September 2019; 344 pages; ISBN# 9781577832829; $485.   

Fourth Edition. Business-to-Business Marketing 2020-2021 presents statistics on B2B spending, comparisons of the effectiveness of marketing tactics, surveys of marketers... learn more

Consumer Behavior 2019-2020   
September 2018; 544 pages; ISBN# 9781577832690; $485.   

13th edition. Consumer spending accounts for 70% of the U.S. gross domestic product, or $11.9 trillion. Consumer Behavior 2019-2020 assesses how this spending... learn more

Consumer Marketing 2020-2021   
September 2019; 313 pages; ISBN# 9781577832836; $485.   

Sixth Edition. Consumer Marketing 2020-2021 assesses leading approaches for marketing to consumers from media advertising to social media marketing, from direct mail to... learn more

Consumer Use Of The Internet & Mobile Web 2020-2021   
September 2019; 380 pages; ISBN# 9781577832843; $485.   

Fifth Edition. Providing insight into the 220 million U.S. adult Internet users, this handbook assesses online activities and content, e-commerce spending, mobile access to the... learn more

Entertainment, Media & Advertising Market Research Handbook 2019-2020   
September 2018; 346 pages; ISBN# 9781577832706; $485.   

16th Edition. Media and advertising market data are scattered through a myriad of sources. This handbook compiles top-line data into a single easy-to-use reference. Segments... learn more

Healthcare Business Market Research Handbook 2019-2020   
September 2018; 601 pages; ISBN# 9781577832720; $485.   

20th Edition. Expanded to 601 pages and 147 chapters. The handbook presents a comprehensive analysis of the $3.4 trillion U.S. healthcare marketplace with the most recent... learn more

International Consumer Markets 2020-2021   
September 2019; 370 pages; ISBN# 9781577832867; $485.   

4th Edition. Total annual global consumer spending tops $46.4 trillion. This market is assessed by region, country, and sector in International Consumer Markets... learn more

Leisure Business Market Research Handbook 2019-2020   
September 2018; 409 pages; ISBN# 9781577832737; $485.   

7th Edition. The annual U.S. leisure market is assessed at $2.5 trillion. Fueled predominantly by Baby Boomer spending, significant growth in the leisure marketplace is... learn more

Restaurant, Food & Beverage Market Research Handbook 2020-2021   
September 2019; 563 pages; ISBN# 9781577832874; $485.   

18th Edition. With a thorough and in-depth analysis of the $800 billion restaurant and foodservice industry, this handbook provides consumer spending data, market forecasts,... learn more

Retail Business Market Research Handbook 2019-2020   
September 2018; 351 pages; ISBN# 9781577832744; $485.   

18th Edition, Retail Business Market Research Handbook 2019-2020 provides the most comprehensive retail market data and analyses available in any reference.

... learn more
Sports Marketing 2020-2021   
September 2019; 607 pages; ISBN# 9781577832881; $485.   

First published in 1997, this is RKMA's 19th assessment of the U.S. sports business and our most comprehensive assessment of the sports business ever. Sports Marketing... learn more

Travel & Tourism Market Research Handbook 2019-2020   
September 2018; 648 pages; ISBN# 9781577832751; $485.   

16th edition...expanded to 119 chapters and 653 pages. This handbook provides the most comprehensive compilation of traveler spending and tourist visitor statistics available in... learn more

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